Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Breakfast Nook

This wallpaper was particularly hideous. It's pea green and depicts a quaint cartoon village scene. Thankfully it came off rather easily, but it was vinyl and and it had probably never been cleaned. It was greasy. Yuck.

Even more yuck: what I found underneath it. Mildew. Ugh.

I cleaned it up, though, and we should be ready for primer tomorrow! Yay!


  1. wow! that's one of the worst wallpapers i've seen. it looks really spacious in there though! especially without the wallpaper. does it get a lot of light in the morning? cause that sounds really wonderful :)

  2. It is spacious. it's something like 7 feet by 7 and a half... Something like that! It still has yet to be painted, but at least the funkiness appears to be gone! :)