Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our bathroom needs the ceiling replaced, the floor replaced, a new tub, shower, and tile surround as well as a new vanity. So we gave it a fresh coat of paint.
This is our adorable 100% functional, 100% unsafe gas radiator. Should we opt to use it, the fumes could kill us all in our sleep. So we're going to cap it off and just keep it around for the cuteness factor. I am seriously considering spraypainting it a funky color!

Recent Developments


Our basement flooded* this past week and though we've had RotoRooter out to the house, black sludge keeps bubbling up around the drain every time the washer spins out. I suppose it's simply residual, and hopefully, it will go away soon...

On the bright side we have succeeded in:
-removing all wallpaper
-patching the plaster
-caulking several rooms
-planting pumpkins
-finishing one bedroom
-"finishing" the bathroom
-painting the kitchen

Correction: My boyfriend, Jason, has alerted me to the fact that when I said "the basement flooded", some people might take that to mean that the basement actually flooded. As in 'severe water damage' as in a foot or more of water on the floor' or something to that effect. In actuality, however, a floor drain simply backed up a little and a puddle of water about 18 inches in diameter began to pool in the indentation around the drain. It was far from an emergency, but unsettling nonetheless! Sorry if I made it sound worse than it was!