Thursday, June 24, 2010

What about the ring?

I feel so incredibly blessed. A lot of girls never get the big white dress, the first dance, the fancy cake. A lot of girls don't even get a wedding. And no girl gets a husband as perfect as mine.

It's been almost a year that I've had this ring on my finger. I grew gorgeous pumpkins, adopted the perfect puppy, and made highest honors on deans list all year. I was so afraid before... I was afraid I wouldn't finish college, that the money wouldn't work out. I was afraid I'd never have a family again. I was afraid I wasn't strong enough to carry all of this. But then Jason asked me to marry him. And I don't have to be afraid of anything, anymore, ever. He is my foundation. He is all of my strength, my courage, my joy. It's about trust.

We will be married in this room, at the Frank Lloyd Wright Westcott House in Springfield, Ohio just before sunset on September 4.

Our wedding cake (pending a few modifications) complete with gumpaste cymbidium orchids and copper, not chocolate, ribbon. The tiers will be hexagonal, to reflect my gorgeous engagement ring. The top and bottom tiers will be white cake with raspberry preserves and the center tier will be strawberry- Jason's favorite- all coated in Italian buttercream icing! The center tier will feature a sort of 1920s craftsman/art deco design that we used on our invitations and the top and bottom tiers will be decorated with little ∴s . It will be beautiful and delicious!

This is the room where I'll put on my dress. The prettiest thing I'll ever wear.

The dress. The dress that makes me look like the barbie doll you stick into a 3-year-old's birthday cake. The dress that I could conceal my entire balance ball beneath. The dress that doesn't fit through a doorway. The perfect dress that fits like a glove and gathers and flows as magically as if it were skimming the red carpet. The perfect dress.

I am so incredibly, unbelievably, lucky to be able to post this blog from this big, gorgeous house as I sit beside my fluffy, happy, snoring dog and as the love of my life is asleep and dreaming upstairs. I am so in love with my life.