Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Recent Developments


Our basement flooded* this past week and though we've had RotoRooter out to the house, black sludge keeps bubbling up around the drain every time the washer spins out. I suppose it's simply residual, and hopefully, it will go away soon...

On the bright side we have succeeded in:
-removing all wallpaper
-patching the plaster
-caulking several rooms
-planting pumpkins
-finishing one bedroom
-"finishing" the bathroom
-painting the kitchen

Correction: My boyfriend, Jason, has alerted me to the fact that when I said "the basement flooded", some people might take that to mean that the basement actually flooded. As in 'severe water damage' as in a foot or more of water on the floor' or something to that effect. In actuality, however, a floor drain simply backed up a little and a puddle of water about 18 inches in diameter began to pool in the indentation around the drain. It was far from an emergency, but unsettling nonetheless! Sorry if I made it sound worse than it was!

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