Sunday, April 19, 2009

Before & After

Here are some photos I've been meaning to post. I've been meaning to be more thorough with my photo-documentation of the Great Revitalization, however, there is oh-so-much wallpaper, and only 4 hands to take it down. So that's what Jason and I have been devoting ALL of our free time to this week, leaving little time for blogging. Finally, at 3 AM, I am sacrificing sleep to make an account of our exciting week of undoing...

BEFORE: beautiful old craftsman foursquare home in dire need of a total makeover with no one to love itAFTER: beautiful old craftsman foursquare home in dire need of a total makeover with only one overly ambitious, totally naive young couple to love it. (and we do!)

BEFORE: gorgeous stained glass window

AFTER: hideous leaded glass vinyl-framed window with what I'm fairly certain is a satanic symbol of some kind

BEFORE: really ugly wallpaper
AFTER: much more tolerable robin's egg blue plaster
BEFORE: pretty much the ugliest wallpaper ever designed AFTER: not so bad mauve-taupe plaster

BEFORE: an amazing feat of physics: an entirely wallpapered stairway- including the eight feet of vertical wall over the stairs. (though the most puzzling question is not how, but WHY? WHY?)

Insert a death-defying steaming session where man + steaming hot home improvement appliance + precariously perched step ladder miraculously does NOT = untimely death...

AFTER: Instead, it yields some of the world's most difficult-to-reach-with-a-paint-roller plaster, desperately in need of paint.

NEXT TIME ON 1926 Foursquare: something is lurking behind the pea-green wallpaper of the breakfast nook... stay tuned to find out what!

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  1. it's so pretty! i can't wait to get a house... i really wish i could now. it's the perfect time, if only i had money for a downpayment (& closing costs, etc etc).
    i'm hopefully going to be moving into this house that i really love (renting though, not owning). it has a combination of wall paper and paint... the paint isn't that bad except that they painted the ceilings too! so we're going to have to prime and paint every square inch of it. looking forward to it though :) :)